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hi my name is Lin I am 69 and living in a small village in cyprus.

I retired here with my husband 13 years ago.

I love art, creativity and journaling and also bible journaling

I alos paint religious icons which i find a very prayerful and spiritual practice.

I have been a christian for over 50 years but not able to be part of a community because I have ME.

we have lots of rescued dogs 5, six cats, and 2 rescue horses which live with my daughter in a village close by.

I have 3 children and 6 grandchildren.

so what did I retire from xxxxx I was a florist and then in my 40’s trained as an arts psychotherapist, and also a spiritual direcror.

I still work as a spiritual direcror but via the internet.

I paint draw etc nearly every day in my studio which I am very blessed to have.




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